2018 Lightwave Stage highlights

Jeremy Just

Bang, Pop, Whizz, Whoosh!

Jeremy Just, Science Entertainer

Science is full of fascinating and unexpected sights and sounds. Science Entertainer Jeremy Just is back at FoBI once again to see just how many things can go Bang, Pop, Whizz, or Whoosh in 50 minutes. See exciting demonstrations using the power of everything from liquid nitrogen to fire in this science spectacular.

Lish's snot


Lish Fejer (AKA Dr Thatza NastySmell)

GROSSOLOGY:  Snot, pus, wee, saliva, ear wax, blood, vomit, burps, farts and boogas - adults think it’s disgusting but all these icky, gooey, smelly, sticky things our bodies make keep us alive.  Join Dr Thatza Nastysmell on a tour of the gloriously gross bits of the human body and the wonders they work.

Josh Richards

Mars One Project

Josh Richards Lightwave Stage

Physicist, Explosives Engineer, Soldier, Comedian, Astronaut Candidate – one thing Josh Richards can never be accused of is being boring. Selected from over 200,000 initial applicants, Josh is one of 100 astronaut candidates short-listed worldwide to permanently settle Mars with Mars One in 2032, and the author of Becoming Martian - a hilarious take on how humans will change body, mind and soul by living on the red planet.

Includes a Q &A session with Josh. 


Questacon’s Tasty Science

presented by David Cannell from Questacon’s Excited Particles Lightwave Stage

Are only our tongues used for taste?

Are you a supertaster?

There’s a number of experiments with volunteers where we investigate strange tastes and the effects of colour, and mental suggestion.  You can have your tastebuds altered temporarily through some clever techniques or experience the joy of chilli and wasabi.

The show finishes with a sample of a bizarre tasting liquid nitrogen ice cream. It could be good, it could be …..