Science Experiences from the 2018 program


Your garden, seen from a different perspective

24 Carrot Garden Program MONA Exhibition site 1

Come explore what a balanced garden ecosystem looks like from eyes of insects and other creepy crawlies that live there.

Digital Sandpit

Geography and Spatial Science

School of Technology, Environments and Design, University of Tasmania Exhibition site 3

Come and play in our augmented reality sandpit and literally shape Hobart. We’ll use the sandpit to think about and model some big challenges, such as sea level rise, efficient transport, and affordable housing.


Spaghetti & Marshmallow Tower Design Challenge

TasNetworks Exhibition site 4

Teaching the principles of engineering through constructing transmission towers made of spaghetti and marshmallows!

Nature. Be in it

Ropes and Wings STEM Challenges

Nature. Be in it. Exhibition site 5

Using natural, local materials create your own nature's wings and learn rope knotting skills to build with stick

Engineers Australia

About Engineering Exhibition site 2

Engineering creates happy, healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities. Come and speak to practising engineers, including Defence Force Recruiting, about where a career in Engineering could take you.


Science supporting fisheries

DPIPWE Exhibition site 6

Finding the secret lives of fish to promote their sustainable use.


Innovative Islanders

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Exhibition site 7

From living through an Ice Age to tackling Devil Facial Tumour Disease, find out how TMAG preserves and tells the stories of Tasmania’s science and technology innovators.


City of Hobart Bush Adventures Program

City of Hobart Exhibition site 8

Are you part of, or apart from, nature? Discovering our connections with nature through science.


The Calls of the Wild

Tasmanian Land Conservancy Exhibition site 9

Using innovative bioacoustic monitoring technologies, listen to the calls of the wild to explore Tasmania's native birds, and frogs.


Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

From Farm to Future Exhibition site 10

Join us to find out more about where your food comes from and how we can produce safe and sustainable food into the future.

Norske Skog

The Science of Papermaking

Norske Skog Boyer Exhibition site 11

Hands on papermaking and a window into the science behind forest operations.


3D printing & Digital Fabrication for Tasmanian Commercial Aquaculture

RopeBot Exhibition site 12

Find out how the new industrial revolution can benefit Tasmania more sustainably and how computers can convert information into physical items using robotics.

Code Club

Bananas and Circuits and Buttons, Oh My!

Code Club Australia Exhibition site 13

You use buttons every day, but what is a button? What is a circuit? And what does all this have to do with bananas?


Ice Ice Baby!

Australian Antarctic Division Exhibition site 14

Explore the icy secrets of Antarctica. Visit our ice core drilling camp to learn more about ice and snow.

Make Science Fun

Make Science Fun with Spin Art

Make Science Fun Pty Ltd Exhibition site 15

Use motorised spinning disks, coloured crayons and paper to create your own mesmerising spin art.

Ten Lives Cat Centre

Edu.Cat - Is there more to cats than sleeping and eating?

Ten Lives Cat Centre Exhibition site 16

Captivating Cat Curiosities - Join us to explore the complexities of cat features, needs and adaptations to life as a pet.


Come on a journey with an eel

Hydro Tasmania Exhibition site 17

Eels are amazing creatures and an important part of Tasmania's river ecology. Learn how we use STEM to help baby eels over a dam wall.


Mega mammals, land-use change and human migration: Tasmania’s epic story

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) Exhibition site 18

Step back into the past to look at how Tasmania's flora, fauna and landscape have changed over the last 100 000 years.


Underwater Virtual Reality

Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania Exhibition site 19

Using state of the art Virtual Reality (VR) equipment, IMAS researchers will take users underwater for a glimpse of local marine life.


CSIRO Exhibition 20

Get hands-on with some of the problem-solving projects we’re working on to make a difference to people, industry and the planet.

Bringing Your World into Focus

Peter Underwood Centre Exhibition 21

Students will investigate and compare samples from different environments using digital microscopes as well as look at microscopy videos.


Drones: toys AND tools for science

University of Tasmania and Australian UAV Exhibition site 22

Drones come in many shapes and sizes... not all of them are for fun and filming, many are doing ground-breaking science and mapping. and


Glaciers – movement and crystals

ACE CRC Exhibition site 23

Glaciers are huge rivers of ice - so how do they move? and what do the crystals look like?


How well do you know your brain?

Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre Exhibition site 24

Come to the giant brain! Chat to a brain expert, look at brains through a microscope and discover how your brain changes as you get older.


Curious Colour

The Creative Exchange institute, Plimsoll Gallery, School of Creative Arts – University of Tasmania Exhibition site 25

Come and investigate colour by contributing to a colour installation that develops over the festival.    


The Chemistry and Art of Colour

Royal Australian Chemical Institute Exhibition site 26

Ever wondered how artists use chemistry in their work? Experience some colourful chemistry, and make your own scientific masterpiece!


Make, Learn, Inspire!

Hobart Hackerspace Exhibition site 27

Self-discovery of technology through guided investigation. 


Sci Scouts, Nymphs Nocturnes and Naturalists

Scouts Tasmania Exhibition 28

Step back into the past to look at how Tasmania's flora, fauna and landscape have changed over the last 100 000 years.


Living with the Land

Sustainability Learning Centre, Parks & Wildlife Service and Climate Change Stories Exhibition 29

Learning on Country - land management, making connections, past, present and future. What evidence or wonderings?


Create worlds by Hacking Minecraft

Coder College Exhibition 30

Build a Music Maker and code a robot all through the power of Code!


The Poop Loop

TasWater Exhibition 31

Join us on a journey through the poop loop: from flush to reuse! How we turn your waste to wonder.

STAT kids outside

Inspiring Science Investigations

Science Teachers Association of Tasmania Exhibition 32

From bees to brains, smallest creatures to the biggest stars, Hobart girls investigating real world issues, achieving national recognition.


Where? Where? Wedgie!

Bookend Trust Exhibition 33

Part citizen science and part education project, learn the basics for identifying different raptors and how you can help protect population.


The Human Body and Population Health

Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania Exhibition 34

Take a close-up look at how the human body works and learn something you didn't know before about the health of the Tasmanian population.

ICT and Eng

A game of underground Minecraft

School of Engineering and ICT, University of Tasmania Exhibition 35

The underground mine is dark, windy and drips acid rain, come and see why and how we fly our drones there.


Come and experience awesome hands-on science!

WhySci & Young Tassie Scientists Exhibition 36

Join us for delicious liquid nitrogen ice-cream! Be inspired by our team of awesome Young Tassie Scientists with hands-on activities for all ages! Including cool chemical reactions, have a rocking time with geology and more! Enter the Easiest Competition Ever and win some great prizes!

Don't forget to ask us all of your tricky science questions!


Animal Husbandry

Dominic College Exhibition 37

Hands on activities with real life animals.

UTAS Robotics

Remote controlled and autonomous robots

UTAS Robotics Exhibition 38

Interactive demonstrations including our 2018 FRC robot, arduino-based robots, and LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robots.


Marine life touchtank

Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre Exhibition 39
Marine Science Education: Live animal touch tank, microscopic plankton, oceanography and marine robotics.