Science Experiences 2019

Health and Medicine

Designing Medications for the Future!

Pharmacy, School of Medicine, University of Tasmania

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about how drugs work and design their own model drug and name it.


Level Up - Science of Game Design

Coder College

Learn how games are designed and create your very own level as part of a larger platformer game created as part of FOBI.


Get Creative with MATHS

Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania

Navigate your way around a mobius strip, try your hand at building a hexaflexagon, see if you have what it takes to outwit a mathematician!


The World Under Our Feet

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania

Feel, smell and see how a healthy soil structure is vital to sustaining life.      

Photo credit: ID 140121795 © Denis Trofimov |

Tessa Smith

Brilliant Biological Sciences: Beetles, bones and botany

Biological Sciences and CABAH, School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania

From plant cells to mega fauna, join us to learn about some current research on Tasmanian animals and plants.          

Photo credit: Tessa Smith

Spatial Team

Treasure hunting in our lake with GPS

Hydro Tasmania

Discover what satellites, space missions and GPS have in common, find our 'treasure' using GPS and construct a model satellite.

Photo credit: Hydro Tasmania    


Growing plants on the moon?


Visit the TasWater display and make your own biosphere. See the water cycle in action!

Photo credit: TasWater


Hobart Hackerspace

Hobart Hackerspace Inc

Learning new ways to use old and new technology in different ways.


Marine Discovery Centre

Marine Discovery Centre

Touch tank with live animals; view plankton under microscopes; introduced marine pest species; remotely operated underwater vehicles.

Photo credit: Chloe Simons    


Fishy Science

Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment

Marine educational display promoting sustainable recreational fishing practices, including fish dissection to explain science behind rules.

Photo credit: DPIPWE    


Urchin pest Virtual Reality

Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania

Using VR headsets and other materials to tell the story of invasive long-spined sea urchins damaging reef life off Tasmania's East Coast.

Photo credit: IMAS


Shaping and mapping the earth with drones and magic sand

Geography and Spatial Sciences, School of Technology, Environment and Design, University of Tasmania

Fly our mini-drones or shape the earth in our digital sandpit as a means for thinking through big environmental challenges.

Photo credit: Terraluma           


UTAS Motorsport

University of Tasmania, UTAS Motorsport

Meet the team who designed and built the 2018 electric race car and discover what goes into the engineering of a race car.

 Photo credit: Caleb


TasNetworks STEAM Challenges


Construct your own transmission towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows or build an electricity network using snap together circuits!

Photo credit: TasNetworks    


Secrets of the Seafloor

Marine National Facility, CSIRO

Australia has the third biggest marine territory on Earth, but only around 25% of our seafloor has been mapped. Find out how our research vessel Investigator helps uncover what’s down there, from shipwrecks to under-sea volcanoes.

Photo credit: CSIRO    

Make Science Fun

Make Science Tiny

Make Science Fun

Have you heard of Tiny Cooking? Well, come and find out about Tiny Science! Fun science demonstrations with teeny, tiny equipment.


Marine National Facility

All aspects of marine science: Oceanography, Biology, Geoscience & Atmospheric sciences

Photo credit: Owen Foley    


Fungi - life's great recycler, connector and bio-inspirer

City of Hobart

Explore beneath the forest floor and discover a subterranean social network of fungi.

Photo credit: Rob Armstrong


Cats, Friends and Foe of our Environment and Communities

Ten Lives Cat Centre

Discover how STEM helps us learn and address the impact cats have on our wildlife and communities.

Nature be in it

That is not a stick!

Nature. Be in it.

Create something new from something outside. Use your imagination and learn the art of whittling to carve and create!

Photo credit: Kara Spence    

24 Carrot Gardens

The science of taste

MONA/24 Carrot Gardens

Put your tongue to the test to explore why plants make flavours and how we perceive them with our senses.

Credit: Jesse Hunniford

Sky Albatross

The Tasmanian Albatross Fund

The Tasmanian Albatross Fund

Learn what brave scientists are doing to conserve Tassie’s very own Shy Albatross!

Credit: Kris Carlyon

Peter Underwood Centre

A-Lab Technologies taking you to the Moon!

Peter Underwood Centre

Participants will use A-Lab technologies including VR, robots and green screen to investigate space science.

Credit: Peter Underwood Centre


Polymers are everywhere!

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Tasmanian Branch

Polymers are everywhere! In your devices, in your kitchens, in your bedrooms, everywhere! But what are they? How can we use them?


TMAG’s Missions into Darkness

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

From the ocean’s depths to the forest at night, TMAG’s scientists discover hidden secrets.

Credit: TMAG


Come and blow our minds!

Aurora Energy & Goldwind

Aurora and Goldwind will present an interactive demonstration of how wind energy is created using model wind turbines.Credit: Goldwind and Aurora Energy


Innovating for the future

Engineers Australia

Create it - Everyone can be an engineer. If anything is possible and you had unlimited time, money, help, and skill, what would you engineer?

Photo credit: Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


Data in the Wild: Innovation in the observation and analysis of the environment

ICT, School of Technology, Environments and Design, University of Tasmania

Learn how UAVs and sophisticated audio and image analyses are being used to enhance understanding of Tasmania's natural environments

Credit: University of Tasmania

Energy Toolkit

HEAT - Home Energy Audit Toolkit

City of Hobart

The City of Hobart Climate Change Team will demonstrate how to reduce your energy use in your home with a specialised toolkit.

Photo credit: City of Hobart


Physical and Biological Sciences

Dominic College

Demonstration of project-based education along with interactive activities.

Photo credit: Louis Reed on Upsplash

Tas solar

Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

Come and learn a little bit more about the School Solar Challenge and get hands-on with these miniature solar powered vehicles.

Photo credit: TMSC


University of Tasmania, Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania

Take a close-up look at how the human body works and learn something you didn't know before about the health of the Tasmanian population.

Photo credit: Menzies Institute for Medical Research                  


Sourcing metals for future technology from waste

Earth Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania

Explore how we may be able to recover metals for future technology from mining and industrial waste.

Photo credit: Jonny Caspari on Unsplash


Rock around Australia: Explore the 3D Virtual Library of Australia's Geology

Earth Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania

Explore the Australia’s iconic rocks cliffs and fossils using virtual glasses

Photo credit: Cody Board on Unsplash

UTAS Robotics

Remote controlled and autonomous robots

UTAS Robotics, University of Tasmania

Interactive demonstrations including our 2019 FRC robot, arduino-based robots, and LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robots.

Photo credit: Rob Torok


Find out what Scientists REALLY do!

Young Tassie Scientists, University of Tasmania

Meet local researchers and test out our hands-on activities for all ages – from astrophysics to zoology, neuroscience to glaciology! Enter our World’s Easiest Competition and win great prizes!

Inspiring Tasmania

A Taste of Science

Inspiring Tasmania

Join us for some delicious liquid nitrogen ice-cream and discover why physics and chemistry are actually super cool.


Playing with 4D Fun Innovative Augmented Reality


Inspire your kids with STEM. EKIDAZ offers innovative augmented reality solutions that help children learn and thrive.

Southern Storm

Hands on Learning

Southernstorm Environmental Consultants for Business

Demonstrating how 3dp is becoming extremely useful on customising 'tools & prosthetics' for disability.


SCIENCE/STEM Competitions - what's the thinking?

Science Teachers Association of Tasmania

STATS Tasmanian Science Talent Search (TSTS) and  CSIRO Gold CREST Awards lead to BHP Bilitons Awards. Entry to UTAS Science  and Engineering Challenge can lead to entry into TSTS. 2019 Tasmanian TSTS winners took out the National BHP Award!


Forest in a Box

The Forest Education Foundation

Integrate STEM with Forest in a Box! Explore forest systems, design and innovation in wood and future perspectives for sustainability.

Credit: Forest Education Foundation.


A whale of a time with the Australian Antarctic Program

Australian Antarctic Division

Learn about Antarctic blue whales and get up close with their favourite food - Antarctic krill.

Credit © Myriam Schuller /Australian Antarctic Division