Science Experiences

Animals Alive

Dominic College

Come and meet and learn about a variety of animals large and small!



Australian Antarctic Division

Explore the icy continent with the Australian Antarctic Program.

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Ship's wake © Hosung Chung/AAD


Hacking Minecraft - Code your own world

Coder College Pty Ltd

Come and see how you can use the power of code to build structures, create cities and design worlds in Minecraft!

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Hands on marine science activities

Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre

Hold animals in the touch tank, view live plankton under a microscope, learn about marine pest species.

Photo credit: Chloe Simmons


Playing with 4D Fun Innovative Augmented Reality


Inspire your kids with STEM. EKID offers innovative augmented reality solutions that help children learn and thrive.

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The Stories Behind our Trees

Forest Education Foundation

Explore the layers of the forest: From the soil beneath our feet to an eagle’s nest high in the canopy. How do we care for our forests?

Photo credit and copyright: Forest Education Foundation


Tackling complex environmental challenges with geography and spatial sciences

Geography, Planning, and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania

Fly our mini-drones to learn about threatened species management, bushfire mapping and other complex environmental challenges.


Designing Medications for the Future!

School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania

Learn how drugs work and design your own model drug delivery system.


Devil Robotics

Devil Robotics

Interactive demonstrations including FIRST competition robots, arduino-based robots, and LEGO SPIKE Prime robots.


Place-Based Plants

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Join TMAG staff for a taste of the interconnections between First People’s knowledge of Country and the evolution of edible plants in lutruwita.

Photo credit: TMAG


Acids, acids everywhere!

Elizabeth College

How can indicators be used to determine the pH level of water? Make a natural indicator out of cabbage, see how dissolving carbon dioxide gas affects acidity and make a volcano using an acid reaction.

Photo credit: Elizabeth College

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Inspiring Tas presents the Young Tassie Scientists

Inspiring Tasmania, University of Tasmania

Meet real scientists and see if you can work out their magical science! Have fun while learning a trick or two.

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How do we keep our lakes and rivers healthy?

Hydro Tasmania

By exploring various water quality issues in a hands-on activity, learn how Hydro Tasmania keeps our lakes healthy for trout species.

Photo credit: Brad Harris Photography.


Tiny Science Lab

Make Science Fun Pty Ltd

Hands-on Chemistry fun with the amazing Tiny Science Lab. Real Science. Real Small!

Photo credit: Matthew Strickling


Magnificent Marine Parks

CSIRO Marine National Facility & Australian Marine Parks

Explore the where and why of Australia’s marine parks and discover how a unique ship reveals what lives beneath.

Photo credit: Fraser Johnston


STEAM at Hobart College

Hobart College

Come and interact with edible bugs, robots, electronic gadgets, science activities, art exhibits and more - all created by Hobart College students.

Photo Credit: Hobart College


Be a Changemaker - Have your cat and wildlife too.

Ten Lives Cat Centre

Explore the work of Ten Lives and through Maths and Science games learn how to improve the welfare of cats and wildlife.

Ten Lives Cat Centre.jpg

Water source


Create your own world in a jar, see the water cycle in action.

TasWater 1.jpg

School Solar Car Challenge

Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

Come and learn about the School Solar Car Challenge and discover the STEM behind these miniature solar powered vehicles.


The Science of Fisheries

DPIPWE - Fishcare

Learn about the science needed to ensure that we have fish into the future and marine resources are sustainable.


Our planet: Natural Hazards and Risks

Earth Sciences & CODES

Learn about the natural hazards we face living on our dynamic planet. From earthquakes to volcanoes, tsunamis and landslides, explore what makes Earth unique and sometimes dangerous!

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Robot Coding Challenge


An introduction to coding and robotics, come and see the TasNetworks STEAM team and challenge yourself in the Robot Coding Challenge. Using simple logic that can be applied in STEAM related fields, you’ll learn how to program a robot to drive forward, turn, detect obstacles and changes in colour. You’ll also have heaps of fun along the way.

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Wild Kids!

Nature. Be in it

Spark your wild side with a few creative nature challenges to get you reconnecting to nature.


Discovering the secrets of the forest floor

Biological Sciences, University of Tasmania

Use microscopes to discover the incredible diversity of invertebrates that live in forest leaf litter. And try your hand at 'Match the Scat' - using animal poos to identify mammal species.

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Earth and the Environment: An Exploration

Science Communicators' Initiative (SCI)

Learn about the environment and biodiversity with hands on experiments & experiences!

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Seeing the world anew

Bush Adventures, City of Hobart

Explore the earths biodiversity and become part of a global citizen scientist project with iNaturalist.

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Machine Learning: Teaching Robots To See.

Hobart Hackerspace

Training a robot to recognise hand signals.

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