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Spaghetti Tower Challenge


Design your very own transmission tower out of spaghetti and marshmallow and put it to the test!

Photo credit: TasNetworks


The Science of Circus

Adie Delaney and Sonia Singh

Do you know how you can generate 10 times your body weight in force? Use your body as a powerful lever? At what point on a trapeze do you feel weightless? Watch Adie and Sonia demonstrate the amazing science involved in a stunning circus performance.

Photo credit: Olivia Rutherford


Coding Robots with Coder College

Coder College Pty Ltd

Can you code a robot to write your name? Learn how to take control of a robot to draw your own design and write your own name.


Hands-on Engineering Fun!

School of Engineering, UTAS

Participate in an engineering design challenge by balancing competing demands to produce a final solution.


Shining a light on microplastics & glass in the macro & micro world

Sustainability Learning Centre

Shining a light on micro/macro plastics & their impacts

Learn about the government's waste initiatives

Zoom into the intricacies of glass

Photo credit: Lisa Cawthen


Toys on Wheels using STEM principles

Peter Manchester

How everyday toys use gravity, motion by vibration, chemistry, air, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, wheels for locomotion and different energy sources !


Festival of Bright Ideas acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/ Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honor the achievements of the palawa people as Tasmania's first scientists and engineers, living and working sustainably on this land.

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