Workshops 2018


Virtual worlds on tour

Push Start VR

Explore the realm of Virtual Reality with Push Start VR. Enter the dome and take a tour to places you’ve never been before – from far away in our solar system to back in time with the dinosaurs. Prepare to bring your imagination to life!  

Duration: 25 mins


Brick-tastic LEGO® Building with Bricks 4 Kidz®

Brick-tastic LEGO® Building with Bricks 4 Kidz®

Are you ready LEGO® Master Builders?  We need you!!! Come along and build us some amazing models using our mosaic and colour kits as well as our free play LEGO®.  Bring your creativity and enthusiasm!

Code Club

Speak up!

Code Club Australia

Write a computer program in scratch to control a character using the sensors built into a computer!


'Our River' – a little bit of litter goes a long way

EPA Tasmania & Keep Australia Beautiful Workshop space

Participants will progressively simulate and study the contamination of ‘Our River’ along its journey from its head waters to the sea. and


Hands-on science & engineering fun

University of Tasmania

Create electronic circuits with our Electronic Toy Bricks, explore how light works by making a Kaleidoscope, Paper boat design challenge and much more.


Explore the life sciences! Learn about plants, animals and everything in between!

Science Experience Extraordinaires: Life Sciences (SEELS)

Learn how to extract DNA and make a cell slide. Examine and identify invertebrates, eucalyptus and pollen.