Workshops 2019

Lego Robots in Action - Code a robot

RoboCup Junior Australia – Tasmania All day

Join the RoboCup Junior team and learn how to program a Lego robot to dance, follow a line, avoid an obstacle or hunt down a soccer ball.

CREDIT: Rob Elliott


Push Start VR dome

Push Start VR 10:30am, All day, 12:00pm, 10:15pm, 3:45pm, 3:00pm and 4:30pm

In our giant inflatable planetarium participants will be taken on a journey utilising virtual reality headsets and full dome projections.


Hands-on Science and Engineering fun!

School of Engineering , University of Tasmania All day

Create electronic circuits, explore the science behind common objects and systems and try your hand at engineering design challenges


Explore Biology, Chemistry, Mycology and more!

Science Communication Initiative (SCI) All day

Use a Dichotomous key, make some fungi prints, explore the chemistry of colour and more!

Credit: Robyn Sewell


There is no planet B, so let’s protect our marine life from plastics and climate change

Sustainability Learning Centre, Keep Australia Beautiful, EPA Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife All day

Join our team to consider the effects of marine plastic and climate change on Tasmania’s iconic marine animals

Credit: Chris Jordan and Creative Commons


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