Hands-on Science and Engineering fun!

School of Engineering , University of Tasmania Workshop space 1 All day

Create electronic circuits, explore the science behind common objects and systems and try your hand at engineering design challenges!


The Science of Toys

Peter Manchester Workshop space 5 All day

Scientific toys for children and adults demonstrated and explained for their scientific laws and principles.

Smallest flying helicopter in world..JPG

Rotting rubbish, wonderful worms and fabulous fungi!

Sustainability Learning Centre and Environmental Protection Authority Tasmania Workshop space 6 All day

Investigate creatures that deal with waste in nature, how we can harness these creatures to help us, and why we need to reduce, re-use and recycle?

Photo credit: Ruth Whelan

Ptomaphila lacrymosa on wallaby - Ruth Whelan.JPG

Build a Solar Buddy and help TasNetworks to illuminate the lives of children living in energy poverty.

TasNetworks Workshop space 4 All day

Make a solar light and write a personal letter to your buddy

Learn about energy poverty, solar technology and global citizenship

Illuminate the lives of children living in energy poverty

Solar Buddy 4.jpg

We teach technology

Bitlink Workshop space 2 All day

Learn how to program smart devices that can sense and respond to the world around them.


ARTsolutely Science!

Sheree Martin Workshop space 7 All day

Transforming plant and mineral based material to create natural colour for an ARTsolutely natural science-based ARTplayful experience


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