Information for Schools

Registration for schools is now closed. 

If you would like to placed on the wait list please email

Schools Day will open at 9.00am and close at 3.00pm on Friday 11 August and is free to attend.

Each school will be allocated a two-hour timeframe that will be fully scheduled between stage presentations, workshops and interactive activities. Sessions are 9.00-11.00am, 11.00am-1.00pm and 1.00-3.00pm. Places are limited to two classes per school. We have placed a limit on numbers to allow for more schools to attend the festival. 

We have asked participating organisations to aim their activities toward an audience grade 3 and upward. Younger children are not excluded from attending however we have not particularly catered for the requirements of children below grade 3.

At the close of registration on Thursday 8 June we will email you to confirm your registration. Places are limited and we cannot guarantee a place for your group until that time.


Registered schools will be sent their schedule at the beginning of term 3 (Tuesday 25 July). By scheduling your time at the festival we aim to provide a cohesive experience for school supervisors and students, maximise the number of participants and allow you to fully experience the festival program.

There will be times during the schedule when students will be broken up into smaller groups of 5­-10. We recommend organising these groups before your arrival and allowing for one adult supervisor for each smaller group.

On arrival

On arrival you will be briefed by a festival guide. Please ensure you arrive 20 minutes prior to the commencement of your two hour schedule to allow time for the briefing and to familiarise yourself with the festival layout.

We ask that you do not bring school bags into the venue.

Teachers briefing

We will be holding a pre­-event briefing for teachers on Tuesday 1st August at 4.30pm at a city venue. The briefing aims to familiarise teachers with the program and festival procedures to ensure students get the most out of their two-hour session. Please indicate your availability to attend this session on the registration form.

We warmly invite students, teachers and staff to come back to the festival's public day on Saturday 12th to experience the event at your leisure.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Festival of Bright Ideas 2017!