Launched in 2015, The Festival of Bright Ideas (FOBI) is a festival with a difference, where you can experience a range of activities and performances that whiz, bang, fly, crawl, swim, and maybe even explode!

Located in Princes Wharf 1 in Hobart, FOBI is supported by 50+ local science, tech, engineering, and maths (STEM) affiliated organisations and caters to thousands of curious Tasmanians each year.*

In 2021, we are excited to announce that TasNetworks has come on board as FOBI’s major sponsor. TasNetworks is a big Tasmanian employer and part of their Workforce of the Future program includes highlighting the types of STEM careers available at TasNetworks. They provide funding to like-minded, community-based organisations to deliver an initiative that will make a tangible, long-term difference to the Tasmanian community, which is why they’ve partnered with FOBI. We are so grateful for their support.

Our mission

  • To celebrate the important role that STEM disciplines play in our everyday lives
  • To acknowledge the value and strengths of the Tasmanian STEM sector
  • To inspire Tasmanian youth, igniting the aspirations of students to pursue an interest in STEM
  • To cultivate the curiosity of life-long learners of all ages
  • To encourage and partner with STEM organisations to share this vision of an engaged and informed community

STEM disciplines will be the bridge that carries us towards a bright, solutions focussed and innovative future. Through collaboration with leading Tasmanian STEM professionals, academics, education providers, and community leaders, we seek to make that future accessible to everyone.

FOBI Facts

  • Friday 20 August - There is a day just for schools!
  • Saturday 21 August – Open to the public, tickets essential due to COVID. Tickets here.
  • Location: Princes Wharf 1 (PW1) in Hobart, Tasmania – right next to Salamanca Markets.
  • Audience: EVERYONE! Whether you are a family, couple, individual, or group, you’ll have a great time at FOBI.
  • We usually entertain around 10,000 visitors! Due to restrictions this year, we’ll cater to around 5,500 curious folks.
  • Yes, there’s coffee!
  • The venue is disability friendly.
  • Our event is COVID-Safe.

*2020 excepted.

Festival Sponsors