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Science for the curious and creative

Saturday 21 August, 2021

Friday 20 (for schools)

2021 program launched!

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Jeremy Just

Science comes alive

Science Experiences

Festival Highlights

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Main stage

A spectacle of show-stopping science! Announcing Dinosaurs Down Under with Professor Flint and the terrifying pirate Captain Scungebucket! More stage announcements coming soon!

Lightwave Stage


Experiment, innovate and create. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of science through these hands-on science activities.


Science experiences

Discover the research, innovations and technologies taking place in Tasmanian science. Here you can meet the scientists and see their science in action. Over 40 science experiences waiting to be explored.

Science Experiences

FOBI by Night

Imagination Rules the World! - The Space Cowboy and Professor Chaos.

FOBI by Night

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