FOBI'23 Program

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Ride the waves in an Antarctic storm, and dive into the abyss to uncover the mysteries of the deep. Join us aboard Australia’s advanced blue-water research vessel, Investigator, without getting your feet wet!

CSIRO Marine National Facility

Young Tassie Scientists

Find out what scientists really do! Meet local researchers and test out our hands-on activities for all ages.

University of Tasmania

Innovation and Clothing Circularity

Upcycle t-shirts into toys for pets, rugs or shopping bags. Visit our repair café and learn how to extend the life of your clothing, to reduce the impact on the environment.

Sustainable Learning Centre and Natural Resources and Environment

Go For Gold

Challenge yourself to solve Australian Science Olympiad questions. Find out what it's like to compete and represent Australia, and learn how you can get involved in the program.

Australian Science Olympiads

Seeing Forests Beyond the Trees

Look up! Look down! Explore what values can be found throughout forests. Hint: there is so much more than trees!

Forest Practices Authority

Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre

View live marine animals, pat invertebrates in the touch tank, identify some dangerous marine animals and items commonly found on Tasmanian beaches, and learn how you can help look after our beaches.

Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre

Make your own Seed Bombs

Make your own seed bomb and help restore biodiversity in your backyard.

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Watts on Wheels

Participate in "Watts on Wheels" to discover how renewable energy can power communities and contribute to Tasmania's energy landscape.


Devil Robotics

Interact with remote-controlled robots, including FIRST Tech Challenge and LEGO SPIKE Prime robots.

Devil Robotics

NASA-designed Spinal Scan

How are the nerves in your spine functioning? Explore the latest developments in human body scanning technology with an interactive NASA-designed spinal scan.

Platinum Spinal Centre Australia

Drones and Augmented Reality Sandpit

See our mini-drones in action and delve into our augmented reality sandpit to see how information about our environment can help us tackle complex challenges.

Geography, Planning and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania

Hands-on Engineering

Put your skills to the test with our engineering design challenges, and find out about the role engineers play in society and in developing new technologies.

Engineering, University of Tasmania

Racing Robots and AI

Immerse yourself in the world of robots and artificial intelligence. Explore a range of exciting projects including the amazing smoke ring cannon!

Hobart Hackerspace

Science made Simple

Science made simple! Join us for easy, engaging experiments that teachers and students will love.

Science Teachers Association of Tasmania (STAT)

There’s Something Fishy Going On!

Explore the science behind fishing, how to create artificial fish habitats, and how you can make catch and handle fish responsibly.

Fisheries Tasmania, Department of Natural Resources and Environment

TasWater, Power, and Agriculture?

Learn how we can convert waste into energy and reuse what might otherwise go to waste. Make your own terrarium and see the water cycle in action.


School Solar Challenge

Get amongst the action of model solar-powered cars and boats from the School Solar Challenge.

Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

Plants and Humans - Same or Different?

Did you know that plants have some similarities to humans? Explore the inside of plants at a microscopic level to understand how water stress and drought affect plants, and eventually us!

Centre of Excellence for Plant Success

Designed by Nature

Understanding how living things have adapted to their environment can help humans find solutions to the challenges we face. Explore the adaptations of local animal species, from snake fangs to seal flippers.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG)

Discovering Your Air!

What's in the air, and why should you care? Look down the microscope and discover the relationship between pollen and particles in the air and your health.

Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania

Wonder Water

Innovative solutions help combat the challenges we face in hydropower generation. See our pumped hydro model and our robotic submersibles, which examine our underwater assets to detect and fix issues.


Fluid Motion Party Tricks

Explore the mysterious properties of fluids! Create objects that can soar through the air, learn how to make drinks foam over in one motion, and investigate the effects of rotation and viscosity.

Mathematics, University of Tasmania

Imaging in Medicine

Find out how and why bones are plastered. Explore different imaging techniques. Conduct an ultrasound and reveal a hidden word inside your body.

Tasmanian School of Medicine, University of Tasmania

What the Heart Does and How to Keep it Healthy

Discover how the heart works, how blood pressure is measured and why it is important. Listen to how your heart sounds and learn how to keep it healthy.

Tasmanian School of Medicine, University of Tasmania

What is the Matter?

Under infrared light, different chemicals give unique fingerprints. Which white powders match which common drug? Use the model kit to build their molecular structure.

Royal Chemical Institute (Tasmanian Branch) and
Chemistry, University of Tasmania

Keep your brain healthy

Ever seen a giant brain?! Chat with a brain expert to find out interesting brain facts and learn how to keep your brain healthy.

Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre

More Activities Coming Soon!

Festival of Bright Ideas acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/ Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honor the achievements of the palawa people as Tasmania's first scientists and engineers, living and working sustainably on this land.

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