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FOBI'24 Program

Architecture & Design, University of Tasmania

Step into the world of digitally-assisted fabrication and assembly. You can experience design and assembly of a range of unique structures using pre-fabricated timber components, assisted by augmented reality.


Australian Science Innovations

Can you navigate the world when everything is flipped upside down? Try it with the Upside-Down Goggle Challenge! Also, enjoy the nerdiest chatterboxes around, featuring science questions and funny pun stickers.

Find out about science extension programs, including the Junior Science Olympiads, Australian Science Olympiads, and Curious Minds - Girls in STEM program.

Devil Robotics

Big Fish Game

Who can be the most successful fisher? Balance catching fish with managing the local fish population and it might be you! The fish in your fishing spot can be affected by many other things too, such as seaweed and oyster reef presence. Get fishing with the Big Fish card game!

Big Fish Game

Bob Brown Foundation

Explore how the interconnected ecosystems of Tasmania support endangered species. Listen to and interpret recordings of masked owls in the native forest in Takayna/Tarkine. Show your support by drawing native bird species, making a forest flag, or writing a postcard to environment ministers.

Owl 1_Bob Brown Foundation

Centre of Excellence for Plant Success

Discover super interesting facts about Tasmanian wild animals captured on remote sensor cameras. Solve the puzzle of how some plants are adapting to climate change and investigate plant and animal tissue close-up with the new and innovative 'Foldscope' paper microscopes!

FOBI_2023_0113 plant success

City of Hobart

Have you considered what you can do, personally and professionally, with drones? Find out how the City of Hobart uses drones, from mapping to thermal imaging, LIDAR to livestreaming of events.


Devil Robotics

Interact with robots, including remote-controlled FIRST Tech Challenge robots and LEGO SPIKE Prime robots.

Chat with Devil Robotics about their after-school robotics activities for grade 5-12 students.

Aust Sc Innovation

Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania

Immerse yourself in short activities to learn amazing things about Tasmanian rocks and minerals. Explore the structure of the Earth, the geological time scale, critical minerals and mining, and the many fields where geoscientists work.

Earth Sciences

Engineering, University of Tasmania

Put your design skills to the test with our hands-on engineering design challenges. Learn about the role engineers play in society and in developing new technologies.

COSE_30012020_Osborne Images_Engineering Hydro Hybrid Power(3152)

Engineers Australia

Find out first-hand what skills engineers use to solve problems in their day-to-day work by immersing yourself in a range of kits and board games. Also, find out how drones are used for surveying.

COSE_31012020_Osborne Images_Engineering Hydro Hybrid Power(4698) (1)

Fisheries Tasmania

Discover how science and innovation is important in fisheries management and how we can all be stewards for a better fishing future. Participate in activities to find out how we attract fish, how we decide on the rules, what’s changing with warming waters, and how to handle fish for their best chance of survival.


Geography & Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania

See mini drones in action and delve into virtual reality to see how information about our environment can help us tackle complex challenges. Discover how geospatial data, mapping, and geography can tell us about our world and how to sustainably manage it.


Hobart Hackerspace

Connect with makers and tinkerers and discover a range of electronic and technology-based projects for all ages.

FOBI_2023_0353Hobart Hackerspace

Hydro Tasmania

Discover what it’s like to be a power station operator at ‘Water to Wire’, the power station in a container. Get hands on as you maintain the station, distribute energy, generate power, and keep energy supply and demand balanced.

Hydro Fobi website photo 2024

Inspiring Australia

Tasmania is a special place thanks to the wonderous animals and plants that live here and nowhere else in the world! Explore the art exhibition and join in by drawing or writing about your favourite Tasmanian species.


Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania

Delve into marine science! Explore what's going on in the ocean, how we map marine spatial data using an interactive mapping tool, and the biodiversity of birds.


Marine Discovery Centre

Delve into the world of marine science and discover how humans impact marine environments. See and touch live marine animals and learn how to identify marine pest species.

FOBI_2023_0255Woodbridge Marine

Nature Trackers

Become a Nature Tracker! Learn about Tasmanian threatened species, such as birds of prey, burrowing crayfish, bats and bitterns. Find out how you can be involved in learning about their numbers, distribution, habitats and habits. You can also explore monitoring techniques such as observational surveys and acoustic monitoring, and learn how you can get involved in Nature Tracker’s projects.


nita Education

For more than 50,000 years, the Palawa/Tasmanian Aboriginal people managed and cared for our unique island. Connect with our rich culture, heritage, knowledge and traditions.


Physics & Maths, University of Tasmania

Expand your understanding of the universe through physics and astrophysics. Ponder the mysteries of black holes and explore how astronomers decode the secrets of the cosmos. Delve into the fascinating realm of electromagnetism as you create your own light using coils and magnets.

And that's not all— chat with our friends from the Maths discipline and unravel the power of statistics in understanding the world around us.


Robot Man

Calling all future coders! Have a blast with Sphero Indi's, the cool little cars that react to colors! Program their paths using coloured silicon tiles to navigate them through exciting challenges. You can even build your own creative paths! Develop your problem-solving skills, creativity, and use cool STEM concepts like sequencing, prediction, angles, and speed.


Royal Australian Chemical Institute & Chemistry, University of Tasmania

Become a chemical detective and investigate what is the matter. Use chemical fingerprinting through infrared light to find out which white powders match which common drug. You can also play with molecular model kits to explore chemical structures and build known or unknown molecules.


Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation

Explore genetics and discover what genetic traits you have through a fun game of bingo. Get your questions about genetics and biology answered by researchers, and learn about the importance of genetics in medicine and health.


Sustainability Learning Centre

Did you know that EVERYTHING is interconnected? Explore the elaborate web of interconnections between species, the impact of human activities, and how to have a positive impact.


Tasmanian Invertebrate Fossils

Immerse yourself in the world of Tasmanian fossils. Try your hand at removing fossils from rock, and use microscopes and guides to observe and identify fossils.


Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

A healthy pasture (grass) is a vital resource for farmers. Learn how different types of pasture can be used to improve the health of livestock (such as cows and sheep) and also reduce livestock methane emissions.

Get your hands dirty and make your own ‘grass head’ from compostable materials, that you can take home, and watch grow.

FOBI_2023_0134 TIA


Explore Tasmania's energy network through ‘Watts on Wheels’, a unique experience that combines STEAM principles with a focus on renewable energy and energy networks.

As you pedal the specially designed bike, witness the interconnectedness of Tasmania’s energy network and gain a deeper understanding of Tasmania's sustainable power generation.


Tasmanian Model Solar Challenge

Have a go at driving mini solar-powered cars and boats! Discover the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) behind these vehicles, and learn how you can get involved in the School Solar Car and Boat Challenge.

Tas Solar Challenge

Ten Lives Cat Shelter

What do cats really need and want? Design a cat toy, a cat containment run, or a diorama. Using the engineering process (design, imagine, plan, create and improve), you can ensure cats receive proper care while reducing their environmental impact.


Young Tassie Scientists, University of Tasmania

Enjoy hands-on activities and demonstrations with the Young Tassie Scientists, an all-star cast of university scientists. Be inspired by their passion for science as you question, explore, and learn about the world around you.


Festival of Bright Ideas acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/ Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honor the achievements of the palawa people as Tasmania's first scientists and engineers, living and working sustainably on this land.

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