FOBI'24 Program

Marine Discovery Centre

The Marine Discovery Centre exhibit includes marine science, and information on the human impacts on marine environments. Learn how to identify marine pest species, view live marine animals and touch animals in the touch tank.

Robot Man

Navigate eight Sphero puzzles with Robot Man. You will have the opportunity to attempt to lay coloured silicone tiles on a mat to solve problems using robots.

Young Tassie Scientists, University of Tasmania

Young Tassie Scientists celebrate and promote quality science happening right here in Tasmania. Engage in practical demonstrations, hands on activities, and meet colourful characters with a passion for entertainment.

The goal of the Young Tassie Scientist program is to inspire younger (and not-so younger!) generations to question, explore, and learn about the world around them. Young Tassie Scientists proudly boasts an all-star cast of university scientists from Tasmania and across the globe.

Sustainability Learning Centre

Come and engage with the elaborate web of interconnections between species. We will explore the impact of human activities and how to have a positive impact.

nita Education

Palawa/Tasmanian Aboriginal knowledge sharing.

Devil Robotics

Devil Robotics is a volunteer-led organisation that runs after-school robotics activities for grade 5-12 students. Explore the display featuring remote-controlled FIRST Tech Challenge robots and interactive LEGO SPIKE Prime robots.

Geography & Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania

See our mini-drones in action and delve into our virtual reality world to see how geographical thinking and geospatial information can help us tackle complex challenges like sustainability.

Australian Science Innovations

Can you navigate the world when everything is flipped upside down? Come join the Australian Science Innovations for an upside down challenge! Also look out for the nerdiest Chatterboxes out featuring science questions and funny pun stickers.


"Watts on Wheels," offers a unique and educational experience that combines STEAM principles with a focus on renewable energy and energy networks. Participants will actively contribute to Tasmania's energy landscape by pedalling a specially designed bike that powers the illumination of a map representing the state.

The map will feature lights indicating locations of power stations, major transmission/distribution customers, and selected residential areas. As participants pedal, they will witness the interconnectedness of Tasmania energy network and, gain a deeper understanding of Tasmania's sustainable power generation.

To simulate the process of bringing major customers and cities online, switches will be mounted on the map. Participants can adjust these switches to modulate the load on the bike, replicating challenges faced in powering different parts of Tasmania's energy network.

Through "Watts on Wheels" we aim to spark curiosity and, encourage critical thinking by providing an interactive exploration of Tasmania's energy network.

Engineers Australia

Come along and interact with the local engineering community. Engage with engineering themed board games and kits under the expert guidance of our engineers.

You can also find out how drones are being used for surveying, and watch demonstrations.

School of Engineering, University of Tasmania

Put your design skills to the test by engaging with our engineering design challenges. Learn about the role engineers play in society and in developing new technologies.

Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation

Gene trait bingo is a fun and interactive way to learn about genetics! Through the game of bingo you will have the opportunity to discover what genetic traits you have and the importance of genetics in health. RHHRF funded researchers will be on hand to answer questions about genetics and biology to foster a deeper understanding and curiosity.


Water and sewerage are TasWater's business, but you have an impact! Create some take home tools for sustainable water habits and sewer friendly behaviours.

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

A healthy pasture (grass) is a vital resource for farmers as it helps them manage their soil and livestock's health (e.g. cows and sheep) and reduces livestock methane emissions. Our display will combine pasture education and an interactive hands-on activation where participants can make their own Grass Head. We will draw on our current pasture research projects to inform our seed selection and show that there is more to grass than just being green!

Traditionally, Grass Heads are made from nylon stockings. We however will be making our Grass Heads from compostable materials (coir, surrounded by cheese cloth, secured with twine) so that once the grass has completed its life cycle, the grass head can be composted.

Festival of Bright Ideas acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/ Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honor the achievements of the palawa people as Tasmania's first scientists and engineers, living and working sustainably on this land.

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