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Princes Wharf 1 will be humming with around 50 exhibitors, stage shows and workshop areas.

FOBI currently runs for two days:

  • Friday 20th is “Schools Day”, only for participating schools from around Tasmania.
  • Saturday 21st is open to the public.

Both days run the same content, but during Schools Day, student groups are scheduled across selected, set activities, across time-limited sessions. So even if your child has attended during Schools Day, they may be very keen to come back on Saturday and explore the content they missed – there will still be plenty to see and do!

This year, due to COVID logistics, the Saturday open day will run in four ticketed sessions of two hours’ duration: 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm. You can book for more than one session to extend your time at the festival.

The content includes:


Past workshops have included robot coding, VR experiences, building circuitry, the chemistry of colour… you know, all the kind of stuff you know your kids would probably love but you don’t know how to pique their initial interest. We do!

Science experiences

Every exhibitor works hard to develop an engaging hands-on learning experience. Past exhibitors have challenged visitors to build a model transmission network that doesn’t collapse under the weight of wires, encouraged them to explore the effects of movement on vision, and guided them to spot their first micro-organism under a microscope. Exhibitors will be keen to chat and explain how their field is of relevance to your life, and sow the seed of an idea or new understanding of the world.

Stage program

This is probably the closest to science cabaret you’ll ever see! In around 35 minutes these folks pack in an amazing amount of highly entertaining content… your brains will get bigger without even noticing. Past visitors will recall liquid nitrogen shenanigans, fog cannons, audience participation, dramatic chemical reactions, helium, and probably a kitchen sink.

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FOBI by Night

The Space Cowboy is back by popular demand for two shows only on Friday 20th.

Showtimes: 5.00 and 6.30pm.
Tickets: Adults $20, child $10, family $50.

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