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Science experiences


Centre of Excellence for Plant Success (UTAS Biological Sciences)

Discover what's actually going on inside leaves and how water moves around plants with our fun & interactive activities.

Student with leaves and microscope.jpeg

Mathematical Games

Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania

Come and puzzle over some mathematically inspired games with our lovely Maths and Physics PhD students.


Forests - more than just trees!

Forest Education Foundation & Forest Practices Authority

Investigate our sample specimens that highlight the special values of our forests including soil, rocks and plant cuttings. View camera footage used by ecologists to study birds and mammals and draw detailed sketches of a Wedge-tailed eagle specimen. Explore our 'Forest in a Box' showcasing innovation and design in wood.


Volcanoes and dinosaurs!

Earth Sciences & CODES, University of Tasmania

Learn about different lava viscosities and their hazards and take a walk with a life-size dinosaur!

Photo Credit: United States Geological Survey


One Stop Science Teacher Stop

See the exciting things science teachers get up to and explore the science competitions on offer!

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Digital Eyes See Deeper

Hydro Tasmania

Immerse yourself in our technology! We use it to generate electricity safely and efficiently and protect our aquatic environments.

Photo credit: Sean Gottschling


STEAM with Hobart College

Hobart College

Interact and engage with a wide variety of creations by Hobart College STEAM students.

Photo credit: Hobart College.


The weirdness of waste and the treasure of trash

Resource Work Cooperative

Explore the recovery, reuse and recycling of precious materials and goods from waste before they end up in landfill forever.


Tiny Science Lab

Tiny Science Lab Pty Limited

Real Chemistry Experiments with the amazing Tiny Science Lab Chemistry Sets


Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre

Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre

Touch Tank with live animals; view plankton under microscopes; introduced marine pest species; information on dangerous marine animals.

Photo credit: Chloe Simons


Tassie minerals powering electric vehicles

Elizabeth College

Electric vehicles need batteries, and batteries need minerals! Tassie is perfectly placed to help. Could this be your future career?


Build robots. Have fun!

Devil Robotics

Come and learn about remote-controlled FIRST Tech Challenge robots and LEGO SPIKE Prime robots.


Designing Medications for the Future!

School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Tasmania

Learn how drugs work and design your own model drug delivery system.


Forests - more than just trees

Forest Education Foundation

Investigate what makes a forest special–from the plant and animals that call it home, to the soil found beneath the forest floor.


Animal Husbandry

Dominic College

Interact with and touch live animals - cuddle a bunny! Come say hi to the Dominic College students from the animal husbandry program, who will be there to answer questions and introduce you to the animals that they look after.


Young Tassie Scientists

Young Tassie Scientists

Find out what scientists really do! Meet local researchers and test out our hands-on activities for all ages.

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Toys on Wheels using STEM principles

Peter Manchester

How toys use gravity, vibration, wheels for locomotion and different energy sources!

Photo credit: Peter Manchester


Wild detectives

Zoology, University of Tasmania

Who, when, where? Three techniques for catching and studying animals.

Photo credit: Rob Wiltshire


Krillin' it with the Australian Antarctic Program

Australian Antarctic Division

Antarctic krill are a ‘keystone’ species of the Southern Ocean. They convert energy from the sun into food for other animals.

Photo credit: Pete Harmsen/Australian Antarctic Division


Use mirrors to see the elements in our sun!

University of Tasmania, Physics

Aligning two mirrors in the sun, observe the resulting spectrum! What causes the spectrum? Identify the prominent absorption lines, and which elements cause them.

Photo Credit: Ziggy Schulz

optics pic credit meagan-carsience.jpg

The Fabric of Spacetime

University of Tasmania, Physics

A hands-on introduction to General Relativity and the concept of gravity.

Image Credit: T. Pyle/Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab



Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Join TMAG staff for a look at glass in nature and explore how people have utilised the special properties of glass across millennia.

Photo credit: Pete Harmsen/Australian Antarctic Division


Formula SAE, an inter-university design and build competition

UTAS Motorsport Team

Come and see the electric race car made by the motorsports team and a race car simulator.


Why you should love bugs

Explore the colourful, wild and wacky world of insects, what they do in nature, and how they help feed us!

Photo credit: Mengyong Lim

Beautiful bee.jpeg

Have Your Cat and Wildlife Too!

Ten Lives

Learn how to improve the welfare of cats and wildlife through STEM.


Festival of Bright Ideas acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/ Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honor the achievements of the palawa people as Tasmania's first scientists and engineers, living and working sustainably on this land.

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